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At  Premier Media, we take the guesswork out of recruitment, ensuring your company finds the right remote talent at the right time. Here's how our unique process works:


Vision Work

We partner with you to define the remote role you're looking to fill, detailing its purpose, responsibilities, requirements, salary range, and working hours.


Market Research

Our team conducts thorough market research to ensure your expectations align with the current market trends and standards.


Recruiting Process

We post the job description across multiple platforms, inviting candidates to apply. We then screen and shortlist potential candidates via our Best Fit Surveys, providing you with the final list of top candidates that are the best fit for your company.



Interview the top candidates and select your new team member.

Throughout the hiring process, you'll have access to our recruitment Google Sheet, detailing applicants' progress and results. This includes:

  • Resume: Link to the Candidate’s CV
  • Profile: Link to the Online LinkedIn/Upwork Profile
  • Link to Answers to the 1st Best Fit Survey
  • Link to Answers to the 2nd Best Fit Survey
  • Video: Loom Video of the Candidate answering questions
  • Recruiter comments: Recruiter’s notes after screening the candidate

Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring and let  Premier Media find the best fit for your company.



We are  Premier Media, a dedicated remote recruitment agency committed to connecting companies with the right talent. We pride ourselves on our unique, streamlined process, aimed at ensuring the perfect fit for both companies and candidates. With us, you have a reliable partner at every step of the recruitment process.


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