June 17, 2024

Senior Recruitment Advisor for a growing Recruitment agency

Go Premier Media

Hello, Recruitment Advisors!

My name is Nate Ginsburg and I am a serial entrepreneur. I’m the founder of Premier Media, host of the Ecom Exits Podcast, and partner in a handful of other online businesses.


About the company:

At Premier Media, we take the guesswork out of recruitment, ensuring your company finds the right remote talent at the right time. We partner with you to define the remote role you’re looking to fill, detailing its purpose, responsibilities, requirements, salary range, and working hours. 

Our team conducts thorough market research to ensure your expectations align with the current market trends and standards.  We post the job description across multiple platforms, inviting candidates to apply. We then screen and shortlist potential candidates via our Best Fit Surveys, providing you with the final list of top candidates who are the best fit for your company. 


About the role:

We are seeking an experienced and strategic Senior Recruitment Advisor to join our dynamic team on a part-time basis. This role is ideal for a seasoned professional with a proven track record in managing and growing recruiting departments or agencies. The successful candidate will work closely with our existing infrastructure to enhance our recruiting processes, improve service quality, and contribute to our business strategy.

This is a fractional role, with an estimated commitment of 5-10 hours per week. Flexibility in working hours and the ability to work remotely are available.



  • Process Improvement: Analyze and refine our current recruiting processes to ensure efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness.
  • Quality Enhancement: Implement strategies to improve the quality of our recruiting services and deliverables.
  • Leadership and Advisory: Provide expert guidance and leadership to our recruiting team, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.
  • Business Insight: Offer insights into the business aspects of recruiting, including market trends, client management, and operational efficiency.
  • Growth Strategy: Identify opportunities for growth within our recruiting department and the broader business, and develop actionable plans to capitalize on these opportunities.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Work closely with senior management to align recruiting strategies with overall business goals and objectives.



  • Proven experience in leading and managing recruiting departments or agencies.
  • Strong track record of process improvement and quality enhancement in a recruiting context.
  • Deep understanding of the business aspects of recruiting, including market dynamics and client relations.
  • Experience in developing and implementing growth strategies for recruiting functions.
  • Excellent leadership and team management skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.


Preferred Experience:

  • Previous experience as a fractional or part-time advisor/consultant in the recruiting industry.
  • Experience with technology-driven recruiting processes and tools.
  • Knowledge of current trends and best practices in recruiting and talent acquisition.



  • Work with an existing talented team
  • Completely remote and flexible schedule
  • Location independence
  • You’ll be joining a high-level and fast-paced team


If this sounds interesting to you, please proceed with the application.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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